Sensing the Safety of The Left Over Cream Cheese!

Sensing the Safety of The Left Over Cream Cheese!

Sometimes well better said most of the time I guess that we are all rushing to buy something at the huge amount when something labeled as discount. As a cheese lover or bake lover, cream cheese on the top list of things to buy when that occasion being encountered. Then we ended up having some of the product unopened safely store at the fridge, deep in the back or even in a plain sight. Then comes the time when we get confuse, is it still edible or not!

Here comes the rescue! Do not worry, check the label first and find the expiry date. More good news to come is that in this modern era, the advanced methods of packaging comes along with the better production standard makes it the product still in good shape for utmost one month after the date. If you still need to make sure, use your instinct.

Always trust your instinct! To decide it whether it had gone bad or not, if you hesitate better to throw it out. Here are things that could help you sensing your leftover cream cheese:

  • Remember, cream cheese should be a solid white or cream color, if there are discoloration or patches moreover a visible blue or green mold, just throw it!
  • Pungent odor coming out from spoiled cheese, so if your cream cheese has funny, rotten or anything in between of it, it’s probably gone bad.
  • The texture of the cream cheese ideally would be smooth, creamy and spreadable, if the texture gone dry, chalky, grainy or slimy, that would be sign something off
  • Last check if you make sure that the smell and texture are fine, you can taste it, just a lill bit. It should be not sour at all. If nothings odd, that your cream cheese in a good shape!

If you ever wonder to find the perfect cream cheese brand for your daily needs. YUMMY offer varieties of cream cheese that could be consumed directly or as the ingredient for your favorite dish! You can find it at the closest store, from YUMMY Cream Cheese Neufchatel, YUMMY Cream Cheese Light to YUMMY Crème Fraiche

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